Top Quality MFIA Filters Manufactured By Maniks


MFIA filters are a range of angle-way and straight-way filters, which are carefully designed to give favourable flow conditions. The design makes the filter easy to install, and ensures quick filter inspection and cleaning.

MFIA filters are used ahead of automatic controls, pumps, compressors etc., for initial plant start-up and where permanent filtration of the refrigerant is required. The filter reduces the risk of undesirable system breakdowns and reduces wear and tear on plant components.

MFIA filters are equipped with a screen mesh of stainless steel, available in sizes 100, 150, 250 and 500µ (microns*), (US 150, 100, 72, 38 mesh*).

*Mesh is the number of threads per inch. µ (microns) is the distance between two threads (1µ = 1 /1000 mm).


  • Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2).
  • Can be used in chemical and petro-chemical applications.
  • Modular Concept :

    • Each valve housing is available with several different connection types and sizes.
    • Possible to convert MFIA filters to any other product in MSVL family (Stop valve, regulating valve, stop check valve or check valve) just by replacing the complete top part.
  • Fast and easy valve overhaul service. It is easy to replace the top part and no welding is needed.
  • Filter net of stainless steel mounted direct without extra gaskets means easy servicing.
  • Two types of filter inserts are available :

    • A plain insert of stainless steel.
    • A pleated insert (DN 15-125) with extra large surface, which ensures long intervals between cleaning and low pressure drop.
  • Available in angle-way and straight-way versions with Standard neck
  • MFIA 15-40 (½ – 1 ½ in.) : A special insert (50µ) can be used in combination with a standard version when cleaning a plant during commissioning.
  • MFIA 50-150 (6 in.) : A large capacity filter bag (50µ) can be inserted for cleaning plant during commissioning.
  • MFIA 65-150 (6 in.) can be equipped with a magnetic insert for detention of iron particles and other magnetic particles.
  • Each filter clearly marked with type, size and performance range
  • Housing and bonnet material is low temperature steel according to requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and other international classification authorities.
  • Temperature range: –60/+150°C (–76/+302°F)
  • Max. working pressure: 52 bar g (754 psi g)


Connections :
  • Butt-weld DIN (EN 10220) DN 15 - 150 (½ - 8 in.)
  • Butt-weld ANSI (B 36.10 Schedule 80), DN 15 - 40 (½ - 1½ in.)
  • Butt-weld ANSI (B 36.10 Schedule 40), DN 50 - 150 (2 - 8 in.)
  • Socket Weld (ANSI B 16.11), DN 15 - 50 (½ - 2 in.) FPT Female Pipe Thread, NPT (ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1), DN 15 - 32 (½ - 1¼ in.)
Filter Insert :
  • A filter grid and filter net of stainless steel ensure long element life. The filter net offers a very high degree of cleanability.
Housing :
  • The filter housing is made of special, cold resistant steel.
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)


The filter is designed to resist high internal pressures. However, the piping system in general should be designed to avoid liquid traps and reduce the risk of hydraulic pressure caused by thermal expansion. Install the filter with the cover in downward position.

MANIK recommends replacement/cleaning of the filter when the differential pressure loss >0.5 bar (7.3 psi) in the liquid line and >0.05 bar (0.7 psi) in the suction line. The max. permissible differential pressure is 1 bar (15 psi).


  • Refrigerants : Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2). For further information please see installation instruction for MFIA.
  • Temperature range : -60/+150°C (–76/+302°F).
  • Max. working pressure 52 bar g (754 psi g).
Special Services
  • We offer special service for your existing system components for pneumatic pulse application, to recondition your inoperative valves and assure operating reliability as good as new . DO NOT scrap your valves (ONLY IMPORTED) unless inspected by our experts.
  • We provide special enclosures for timers such as flame proof enclosures , SS enclosures , FRP enclosures , IP65 enclosures on request.
  • We also cater to special requirement such as flame proof enclosures for valves.